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September 2023 - Transforming Workplace Culture for Increased Productivity

Thursday, September 7, 2023 -
11:30am to 1:00pm

Join us as we welcome our guest, Peter Heiss. Peter is a public speaker specializing in the correlation between contentious discussions and workplace cultural unity. Heiss identifies opportunities to mitigate disruptive employee discussions, ensuring a steadfast focus on daily responsibilities to achieve business goals through a work environment that fosters neutrality. 

Business culture relies on a workforce that is united under their vision of what the future looks like. A major issue that could stand in the way of realizing that goal is allowing divisive issues being the focus of the team rather than the business goals. In many workplaces, these contentious conversations have become the norm rather than being viewed as inappropriate. This presentation will demonstrate strategies to foster a culture of neutrality and unity, reducing employee contention and HR issues while enhancing productivity and retention. Implementation of these changes requires time and should be started as early as possible for optimal results.

Learning Objectives:
A heart lifting talk that dives into ways we can all view one another without filtering individual value based on personal beliefs.

  • Understand the initial steps necessary to transform divisive workplaces into more united and neutral spaces.
  • Discover effective strategies to enhance cohesion and collaboration within your team.
  • Enhance your perspective of colleagues through an authentic and unbiased lens.
  • Foster a business-focused work environment that encourages productivity.

About the Presenter
Hailing from Seattle and raised in Michigan, Heiss kick-started a successful career in IT and Software Engineering through an immersive German exchange program, achieving intermediate lingual fluency and fostering a culturally diverse perspective. Heiss actively addresses common sources of division among employees, fostering authentic cohesion for a more unified cultural future.

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Event Details: 
September IIBA Birmingham Chapter Meeting - Peter Heiss Transforming Workplace Culture for Increased Productivity
Event Location: 
Virtual via Zoom. Please check registration confirmation email for Zoom link.
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