2024 Board of Director Elections

Nominations Information for the 2024 IIBA Birmingham Chapter Board of Directors Election

Volunteering to help lead our IIBA Birmingham Chapter by serving as an officer during the coming years is a great way to get to know other members better, put your ideas forward to help the group progress and contribute to our goal of raising awareness of the value and contribution of the business analysis profession within businesses throughout Alabama. We look forward to your participation!

Open Positions - 2 year terms June 2024 - June 2026 [role descriptions]

  • VP-Membership *1 yr
  • President
  • Treasurer
  • VP-Communications
  • VP-Marketing

Due Dates

  • Candidate submissions open now through May 10, 2024 - [submit nomination here]
  • Candidates announced and voting will commence on May 15, 2024 and closes on May 31, 2024. 
  • New officers will be announced at the June Chapter Meeting and AGM, June 6, 2024.


  • Click here to nominate yourself or another qualified IIBA Birmingham Chaper member in good standing.



  • Must I attend meetings in person?  Each board determines the meeting format that best meets their needs. The current board meets remotely.
  • What is the time committment?  Each board determines the meeting schedule. The current board meets twice a month during lunch hour.  The IIBA Central Region leaders have a monthly meeting at 7:00PM. We request at least one board member attend each month. In addition, we meet as needed for committee activities. The typical commitment is 3-5 hours/month.


  • Develop New Skills: Being a board member exposes you to various aspects of running an organization, such as strategic planning, budgeting, event coordination, and governance. This experience can help you develop transferable skills that can benefit your professional growth.
  • Give Back to Your Profession:As a board member, you can contribute to the advancement of your profession by shaping educational programs, advocating for best practices, and promoting the interests of your industry or field.
  • Expand Your Network:Serving on a board provides opportunities to connect with influential individuals within your profession, industry leaders, and potential mentors or sponsors. These connections can open doors for future career opportunities.
  • Gain Industry Insights: By engaging with other board members from diverse backgrounds and industries, you can gain valuable insights into emerging trends, challenges, and best practices within your field.
  • Enhance Your Resume: Board membership demonstrates leadership, commitment, and a willingness to contribute to your professional community. This experience can be a valuable addition to your resume and set you apart from other candidates.
  • Personal Growth and Satisfaction: Volunteering as a board member can be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, providing a sense of accomplishment and personal growth as you contribute your time and expertise to furthering the goals of our chapter.
  • Influence Decision-Making: As a board member, you have a direct voice in shaping our chapter’s policies, initiatives, and strategic direction, ensuring that the needs and interests of your professional community are represented.
  • Recognition and Service: Our chapter has earned the prestigious Chapter Leadership Excellence Award for 2022, reflecting our commitment to excellence. By joining the board, you contribute to this legacy while serving your community of business analysts.